To maximise the panoramic view within the carriage, we opted for glass overhead baggage shelves with a skylight window above it. We ask that the shelves are only used for coats, hand-bags and small day bags. All other baggage must be checked in.

Carry-on & hand baggage

To keep our carriages spacious and clutter free, all baggage will be checked in and stored in our dedicated baggage carriage. This includes cabin sized wheeled bags, backpacks and suitcases.

When preparing for your journey, we recommend you put your travel essentials (camera, wallet, phone, coat/jumper for the viewing deck, etc)  in a small day-pack or handbag.

Baggage Allowance

Our Northern Explorer, Coastal Pacific and TranzAlpine train services have a dedicated luggage carriage and we are more than happy for you to bring all your suitcases, backpacks, wheelie bags, tents and other bags of personal items.

To make travelling easy, our baggage allowance is very generous. We will also help you with your baggage as you get on and off the train.  

Your fare includes:

  • Two items of check-in baggage per person, with a maximum combined weight of 40Kg
  • Maximum volume per bag is 200 linear cm (this is calculated by adding height + length + width together)
  • Maximum weight for a single bag is 32kg:
    • Bags weighing over 23kg require two people to lift on to the train and we may require your assistance
    • Bags over 32kg will not be accepted
  • Wheeled cabin bags and backpacks are classed as check-in baggage

Checking-in your baggage

The baggage check-in procedure varies from station to station, so please read the information for your station of departure to see how check-in will work for you.

In summary, it will be one of the following three options:

  • Full check-in: When you arrive at the station and check in, we will label your baggage with your destination and load it on to the train for you.
  • Assisted check-in: We will help you label your baggage and then direct you to the baggage carriage to load your luggage
  • Platform check-in: At unattended stations, we ask that you wait at the centre of the platform. When the train arrives, we will alight and help you label your baggage and direct you to the luggage carriage for loading

Excess baggage and sporting equipment

We have a dedicated, secure, Baggage Carriage that can handle large items, many of which can't be taken on other forms of transport or are prohibitively expensive to do so. On our trains, we charge a minimal fee of just $10 for most items. There are two rules though: we only take personal items; and the maximum size and weight for a single item is 32kg or 200 linear cm (this is calculated by adding height + length + width together).


Excess baggage: $10 per piece

Please note: in the interests of fairness, we allow a maximum of four pieces of excess baggage per booking. Please remember that each passenger on a booking is allowed two pieces of baggage as standard.


We welcome bikes on board and can carry up to two bikes on each of our services. Bikes are stored securely in the Baggage Carriage.

To add a bike to your booking, simply select the number of bikes you would like to bring from the Extras page during the online booking process. 


Bike: $10 per bike

Bike + Trailer: $20

 Please note: we can't fit tandem bikes on-board

Ski equipment

We've got plenty of room for all your ski equipment on our Scenic trains. Simply add your equipment to your booking as Excess Baggage.


Ski equipment: $10 per bag


Golf clubs

We are more than happy for you to bring your golf bag and trolley with you and we will store them in our secure Baggage Carriage for the journey. If you wish to bring your clubs along, then please add one piece of Excess Baggage on to your booking per golf bag and one for your trolley


Golf bag: $10 each

Trolley: $10 each


If you are planning to ride the waves whilst on holiday, then we have plenty of room for your surfboard. During your booking, simply select the number of surfboards you are bring (maximum of 2) from the Excess Baggage menu.


Surfboard: $10 each